Children have stresses too. Summer is usually stress-free, but then, as August passes the mid-way point, there are the “first day of school jitters.”

Children usually reflect parental attitudes. Anxiety or enthusiasm is equally infectious. A new situation is best met with preparation so devote some of the last days of summer vacation to the requirements for school:

Shopping for school supplies and clothing

  • Kids always like new things. For school supplies give them color choices, one special item, and something new to wear that they love. This builds a child’s self-esteem and gives confidence to face the new situation.
  • Regarding clothes, go with your child’s taste – whether it be bright colors, or denim, or funky – within the limits of your budget.
  • At the arts and crafts store there are inexpensive t-shirts that allow sew-ons or glue-ons or tie-dye so your child can create his or her style.
  • If offered some hand-me-downs, going through them with your child can be an adventure. There may be some items your child has always admired or some great basics – like plain shirts and jeans, freeing up your budget for more special items.

For more back to school tips – keep reading!