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Two new “purrsonalities” in  the world of children’s literature are Alex (Alexander Catt) and Lexi (Alexander Catt II). Alex, a black and white short-haired cat was born in a temple in ancient Egypt during Ramses II reign as pharaoh. He was a polite and dignified cat who lived each of his past eight lives to the fullest that his stomach could manage. Ever hungry, he sought out the best chefs of the day who usually cooked for discriminating people and thus Alex met and stayed with royalty, artists, inventors, explorers and the like.

Sometimes, his appetite for food led him into adventures and misadventures. He tried his best to avoid trouble, which meant avoiding dogs, water and the conflict of war, all of which he hated. His ‘meowmoirs’ cover ancient Egypt, ancient China, medieval times, the Renaissance, the Elizabethan Era, the revolutionary times, the Victorian Era, and the World War days of the twentieth century.  

Lexi, Alex’s son, was also a short-haired black and white cat but there the similarity ends because Lexi loves trouble and attracts it. As a safeguard, he usually lives with doctors, but relies on the twitch in his tail to warn him of trouble brewing. Pompous and a little abrasive Lexi irritates his adversaries, but usually he finishes his adventures by acquiring new and unlikely friends. Like his father, Lexi tries to take credit for inventions and new ideas that he witnesses by claiming that he inspired them. This kitty quirk is forgivable because he tells such a p(L)awsible “tail” and he’s such a lovable rascal.

Follow the ‘tails’ of both cats as they recall their historical adventures in their ‘meowmoirs’ for children of all ages.


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