Follow Lexi’s “meowmoirs” and experience history through the eyes of a cat in Lexi and Hippocrates Find Trouble at the Olympics. In this adventure, you will grasp the ideals of the original Olympic Games and understand today’s commitment to their meanings.

Lexi is a spunky cat with a nose like a bloodhound’s. You will admire the courage and self-control of this clever puss, yet forgive his towering ego and tendency to take credit for historical inventions. His rival is the powerful and scary hounddog Cerberos, who has a surprise in store for the pompous cat. They both attend the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece with Theo and Hippocrates.

There, the twitch in Lexi’s tail warns him of trouble. Using his sensitive nose and clever brain, he rises to the challenge and saves his friends. He helps Hippocrates make sure that cheaters pay, while fair-play wins the day.


My name is Marian Keen. A mother and grandmother, I have been writing for children since the 1980’s. Fastening fantasy to facts, I depict history through the eyes of a cat for children of all ages. My first published book Lexi and Hippocrates Find Trouble at the Olympics is available online from

Marian Keen, Author of Lexi and Hippocrates find Trouble at the Olympics

I have also written a series about westcoast animals of North America. The first one we’ve published is Abigail Skunk’s Lessons for her Kits.

I also write poetry, and my health articles can be found at